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Mark A. Hernandez

Speaker, Author, Coach


Lead Yourself & Multiply Others

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Meet Mark

Mark A. Hernandez is passionate about equipping leaders who will Serve People & Accelerate Performance. Mark’s career stated as scaffold builder after serving in the Navy during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Mark is the only person with over 20 years of experience, who worked for OSHA for 12 years and, an Independent Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Mark has been blessed to have been equipped by the forest most experts in leadership, public speaking, and high performance and would love the opportunity to team up with your organization to create sustainable success. Mark will inform, challenge, and inspire you and your organization to step into new level of performance and sustainable success.



Speaking with Passion & Purpose to elevate Potential & Performance

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Crushing It

Crushing It provides a roadmap for accelerating your performance and creating sustainable results. Crushing It is delivered with high energy and highly engaging exercises that will create a fun learning environment of practical applications that can be immediately applied to help you Crush It.

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We is the Key

We Is the Key is delivered with high energy that will surely engage and inspire all attendees to come up to a new level of safety excellence and energize teams to value We for creating sustainable results. This presentation has been delivered to over 6,000 workers with tremendous feedback. Be prepared to be informed, challenged, and inspired to go to a new level of safety excellence.


Game Day

Game Day: Game Day is based on the four foundational leadership principles identified in the acronym REAL: Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, & Leadership. Be ready to be challenged, have fun, laugh, and be inspired to lead your high performing team to new levels of sustainable success.  “REAL are the foundational leadership principles needed for every leader” – John C. Maxwell




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Becoming a REAL Success

This workshop uses an easy and powerful acronym conveyed in REAL to convey powerful principles and practices. (Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, Leadership)

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Leading Through Crisis

The strength of your organization after any crisis is due solely on the leader’s capabilities to see, deal, and work with their team to work through the crisis. Be the leader whose followers want them to be led through a crisis.

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Crushing It

Crushing It is delivered with high energy and highly engaging exercises that will create a fun learning environment of practical applications that can be immediately applied to help you Crush It.

“Truly inspiring and motivating. You have a gift”

Hanneke Counts | Eastman Chemical Company

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MasterMinds are truly an extraordinary opportunity to deepen your personal growth and grow with each other from other like-minded individuals. MasterMinds are a combination of teaching, facilitation, and coaching through a suite of my mentor, John C. Maxwell's book. Each participant will receive a participant guide where we will go through each chapter and grow together. The magic of a MasterMind is the interaction and questions that occur elevating awareness, sharpening your listening skills, and deepening our appreciation to collaborate for a common goal. 



Coaching is the only process known to elevate your awareness, confidence, and performance. One-to-one coaching is strategically designed to challenge individuals with a deep desire to bet on themselves by letting go of the familiar and embracing what can be. Having a coach has truly elevated my awareness, confidence and performance to launch MarkSpeaks and co-author two books. If Coaching can do this for me, it will surely do it for you as well. Let's Crush It together.

1-on-1 Coaching

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