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Mark A. Hernandez

Speaker, Author, Coach

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Coaching is the only process known to elevate your awareness, confidence, and performance. One-to-one coaching is strategically designed to challenge individuals with a deep desire to bet on themselves by letting go of the familiar and embracing what can be. Having a coach has truly elevated my awareness, confidence and performance to launch MarkSpeaks and co-author two books. If Coaching can do this for me, it will surely do it for you as well. Let's Crush It together.



MasterMinds are truly an extraordinary opportunity to deepen your personal growth and grow with each other from other like-minded individuals. MasterMinds are a combination of teaching, facilitation, and coaching through a suite of my mentor, John C. Maxwell's book. Each participant will receive a participant guide where we will go through each chapter and grow together. The magic of a MasterMind is the interaction and questions that occur elevating awareness, sharpening your listening skills, and deepening our appreciation to collaborate for a common goal. 

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