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Mark A. Hernandez

Speaker, Author, Coach

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Mark joined John Maxwell Certification program in 2011 as a Founding Member and part of a Global Team representing over 30,000 members in over 125 countries. Mark Launched Multiply Leadership a leadership development company, then in 2020 renamed to MarkSpeaks to deliver high energy, highly engaging, and impactful motivational keynotes and workshops.  In 2012, Mark joined Global John Maxwell Team (GJMT) to deliver leadership development training to two countries in the key streams of influence to transform the countries with values-based teachings. In Paraguay Mark along with over 100 GJMT members to deliver training to over 10, 000 leaders in one week in Guatemala. In 2016 Mark volunteered once again in Paraguay along with over 200 volunteers with the JMT to train over 15, 000 leaders in one week. In 2019 Mark returned to Paraguay with the GJMT and together delivered 200 sessions to 1,200 classrooms and 60 businesses in 3 days.

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